Job Hunt

Job Search is all about Marketing. It is essentially a marketing campaign where the product is the set of Skills that you have to offer.

The better you are able to package your skills( present yourself) – the more likely hood that you will find a buyer( employer) for them.

So if you agree that Job Search is like a Marketing Campaign -then you should be have a strategy in place.

This is not to scare you. Strategy is not some hallowed word to be used only by the Ivy League’rs. You need a general plan as to how you intend to go about it. And Job search is effectively a full time Job.

A list of things you need to do on a day to day basis will keep you focused on task and give you results faster. A stop and start approach will make you loose morale pretty soon.

So here a few tips to clear the first hurdle – the call for Interview

When sending resumes

  • Apply endlessly. Preferably keep a daily target of 5 applications.
  • Call and Follow up. Reach the board line and speak to the receptionist. Get her name and refer to her in your cover letter. for ex -“Dear Sir/Madam, “I got your reference from Geeta at the reception. …… ”    These are small ways to differentiate yourself. If you can get the name of the Hiring Manager – that would be even better.
  • Meet as many people as possible. Network, Network, Network.  Attend any and every Networking event possible. Share your number with people and ask them for references.
  • Try to attend any HR Networking events happening in your area.
  • Please rehearse your pitch. When the moment arises you should be able to confidently give a brief pitch about what you can offer a prospective employer. That shows a level of preparation and eagerness. Being shy or searching for words does’nt help in that moment.
  • Get involved in some kind of social service – in your neighbourhood or some NGO.( keeps you in touch with people and builds contacts)
  • Join with your friends and undertake a project.
  • Get some Training on technical or Softskills. Business Communication, Presentation , Interviewing skills – all are useful tools to have at work.

Take responsibility for your situation and use this as an excellent learning experience.

All the Best


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