6 Ways to enhance your network


This post is one of those Gyan posts which can be of real use if you are able to apply the tips. Goes the same for me. So here are some tips to build a quality Network

1. Take time to make a real connection. A 100 cards in the pocket after a seminar or any other event doesn’t automatically mean trusted contacts. An hour spent with one contact can add much more to your network.

2. Relationships happen for a reason. Seek out those reasons – and it need not necessarily mean a commercial transaction to your benefit. I could be anything a shared interest,  a shared experience something that can help in laying a bridge.

3. share your story. Make it interesting. A good story goes a long way in creating an impression and a memory. The story can take shape from any one unique attribute of yours. Could be you hometown, the pronunciation of your name, your date of birth or your profession.

4. To this I would add Be curious. You keep telling your story without listening to the other can make it a one way traffic and a dead end. so best way is to get interested in the other person and ask general , non personal questions. there is a line between being curious and getting nosy.

5. This goes to the next level. If your contact mentions a pressing problem or challenge he/she is facing – help them in some way ASAP. But, please do put yourself in their shoes and understand if what you are doing is of help or just appears to be of help to you. People can very easily see through  the gimmicks.

6. Networking rests on the premise of being useful. So the more you are able to contribute to the Network. The more you are going to be valued by your contacts.


2 thoughts on “6 Ways to enhance your network

  1. Good post Francis.. As they say – what goes around comes around. I would add to this list – Invest time in building your network. One simple activity is helping your connections connect with each other where possible.. and you being the bridge for the same


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