Five reasons why Bosses scare their employees

Typically bosses are Task Oriented – I guess that is why they become Boss. If a Boss was all people – then things wont get done. But, this intrinsic trait creates a communication gap between the Driver and the Driven – The Boss and the Employee.

Here are 5 things an employee doesn’t tell their Boss out of fear and – these are the very five things the Bosses should listen to.

1. Why don’t you notice when I do extra hours , or do a great job.

Task oriented leaders are Focused on Task completion and all effort that goes into the completion of a task is considered a Given.

A Leader who takes the time to praise outstanding effort towards the end goal – get more respect and in-turn help in motivating their team and raising over all morale.

2.You yell at me and then say it is nothing personal – Just Business

Very few people have the maturity or the ability to separate official talk from person hood. Especially, if they are being shouted down.  It really sucks out the energy of the people and demotivates them. As a Boss if you can keep in mind that you are talking to person – whether, coaching, rebuking , suspending or mentoring him – empathy helps.

3.You yelled at me 5 minutes ago and now you are enquiring about my family. I dont get it.

The same empathy mentioned in 2 works well if done in the right order.Sharp words are not forgotten easily – and they ring in the heads of your team long after they have been shot out from your tongue.

So managing your temper and what you speak during stressed out times will indirectly help in increased productivity.

4. How can we work as a Team if we don’t talk to each other.

When team members are chatting away over long durations during office hours it might appear that time is being wasted. But too much control on that front can result in communication taking place in an hushed manner. Better let the members communicate in an open and free manner and do let it not bother if it isn’t affecting the performance and results.

5.  I like you, but you scare me when you are stressed.

Leaders who are focused on results can appear manic when things are not going their way. This can result in overly controlling behavior or undue belligerence.

Develop your coping skills. It isnt necessary that all your team members should like you – but it sure makes for a healthy office atmosphere.

Develop your listening skills to understand the employee needs.


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