Behatar Biodata Ke-liye Paanch Saral Upaay

Why that Hindi translation – well as my friend from the southwest would have put it ……SImbly..

Jokes apart, here are 5 tips for a better resume –

1.Customize Customize Customize It is very easy and inviting to shoot off your resume the moment you come across a Job ad even vaguely similar to your profile. Well, easy things as a rule don’t get you results. Take time and effort to customize the resume to the the job ad. Try to understand the requirement fully and make changes to your resume that show you as atleast a 90% match.  Else your resume might not pass the ATS( applicant tracking software) filter.

2.small is the new big. Tailor your resume to 2 pages . Not more. In two pages you can write enough. Place bullet points and write short sentences. Highlight relevant skills. Long winded resumes are – like self-suicide ( from my father-in-laws’ dictionary)

3.Please be creative – in your work place – abstain from creativity in your resume. this would mean no fancy fonts, crawling ants , or colourful imagery. And stay away from email ids like me wonder…..

4. Link your resume to your linkedin presence.And it follows – work on your linkedin presence. Recruiters do check it. If you don’t have an account create one. Create a blog if you can manage one and link that too.

5. Do a spell-check.

And in case you find spelling mistakes in this Blog post – feel free to point out.


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