Goal Setting for dummies

Goal Setting is important, To succeed one seeds to have Goals.

You know it I know it I would say 90% of the educated class knows or have heard somewhere that without goals they are doomed.But, still only a small percentage master the art of goal Setting.

Not many of us have to patience to set goals and follow them through.

What are Goals without actions – just dreams.

Personally I realized that there is no set Formula to set Goals . There are some guidelines though. The Goals should be S.M.A.R.T. Most people would have heard this but it bears repeating –

the Goals should be

Specific –

Measurable –

Attainable –

Realistic –


The key to Goal setting is in the persistence and discipline. Just because you have set Goals don’t expect the world to be at your field. Expect failures- n number of times. some will call it failures others will call it experience and learning. these are what bring you closer to your Goal. Many of us get disappointed with the failings and give up on the goal. I do so too most of the time.

But those of us who are persistent and are able to go back to their SMART goals from time to time – will win out ultimately. this too has happened to me and I have seen it happen with a lot of others.

Lets accept that we might not be achieving all the goals that we set out to achieve. But the ones which really matter to us and which get our full attention we will ultimately see them through.

Makes sense. ?


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