Networking- Its about Farming not Hunting

It is not what you know, or who you know … it is about how well you know a person that counts. Do you know the person well enough to ask for a referral.

Contrary to what is the perception the Art of Networking is not lost on the introverts. In fact it might be the opposite. The extroverts might know a lot of people but none of them well enough. But it the introvert has an edge because they are good listeners. And Networking is about building relationships, where the ability to Listen is a huge plus.

Networking is about growing and building relationships. It is more of  farming which involves nurturing and growth rather than a hunting process – hit or miss. Networking is not sales – where you make a contact – get an instant ( or relatively quick) result and move on to your next target.

Premature Solicitation: This is one of the Pit falls of Networking. You meet some one in an event and the person says I am Prakash and we should do business fro mutual benefit.  This is Networking gone bad. Networking is not about cold calling to a group. It is about making connections.

Networking is not all about social media – Linkedin, Facebook and Twiter. Networking is a contact sport where you need to shake hands, see face to face , eyeball to eyeball. What Social media helps to do is maintain contact, stay in touch and build visibility with people.

Networking is not only about people , it is also about networks per se. Most people tend to move in their own circles , their neighborhood, their church , their profession. The more diverse your network the more likely you are to have connectors to whole new clusters of people.

In a Nutshell if you are a Job Seeker, a Career  Professional or a Small Business Owner your growth is fueled by referrals and Networking is the backbone of good referrals.

Taken from Success Strategies – TravelMart 



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