Leadership Lessons from Churmuri Chaat

Last Saturday a friend and myself organized a Chaat shop at our Apartment complex. the idea behind it mainly was to have some fun and the second equally major objective was to get the people involved. We live in a 6 year old apartment complex and people seemed to have a very formal and stiff approach to each other. We wanted to change that . Or lets say take a small step towards changing that.

Honestly we were not sure if we would have any takers. To cut losses we planned to go on a small scale,  just sandwiches and churmuri were part of the fair. Plus a round of Bingo. To get a Habba atmosphere we got an old Radio to play some FM station at Full Volume.

The result – a smashing success by any standards. The Churmuri kept flying,  so did the Sandwiches and the Bingo was a super hit. this in an apartment where residents generally interacted with a chosen few and an annual AGM just barely crosses the minimum attendance required.

Leadership Learnings:

Step out of the comport Zone 

Be willing to try something New. To face Flak if needed. Being 40 year olds in established Jobs – doing a whacky stuff such as this had its risks. It could have fallen on its face. And when we mentioned this to our families – there were quite a few smirks a,d indulging smiles – but we went ahead anyway. old jungle saying – No pain no gain.

Be Enthusiastic 

One reason why we decided to go ahead with it was – we wanted to have fun. And we just ahead and did so with full enthusiasm. “what would people say if we failed” was not even a minor criteria in the decision. Having fun was. So what ever new steps you take up – dont miss out on this key element – Enthusiasm. If you are having Fun at what you are doing the Enthusiasm .will be infectious.

Be Flexible

Try different stuff. Be open to ideas and be willing to experiment. Our basic idea was the Chaat and Sandwich. the Bingo just happened – I had a Bingo box lying at home – so thought why not have a go. We could have tried some other game also or some stuff to get the people involved and keep them around the shop. Plus – we forget to keep water. This was more than compensated by a friend who put a Juice stand. so instead of free water we sold our apartment mates Juice. Be flexible and you never know where the opportunities are.

Be Pragmatic 

Sometimes creating a Buzz is more important than checking the Bottom line. We didnt make profits at the end of it all. Just about made the money we spent. But, the People who joined in enjoyed, For them and especially the kids it is a memory that wont be erased soon. The buzz it has generated will have a larger gathering next time around more people joining in and the effect on the general morale levels in the apartment cannot be discounted. So sometimes it makes sense to let go of immediate results in your favour to longterm accomplishments. But , if you are able to involve the people and have a good fun in doing something which has a positive effect on a larger audience( polation, market)  go ahead. and do it. Results are sure to follow.

Feel free to share your takeaways from the post


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