Getting Organized

I have been grappling with the problem of organizing myself for a few years now. But every time the new set of habits or the about to be formed habits die off after some aggressive implementation for a few days or a week.

Actually I am not alone in this. In fact I am part of the majority.

Which  undoubtedly is a huge comfort.

That may not be a huge reason to celebrate but neither is that a reason to despair or throw in the towel.

What I found was that my focus on the job ( the job that gets me the dough) last about a few minutes( 4-8 ) at a stretch, before I get distracted by some interruption like a phone call or a query or a mail or Facebook. I procrastinate on my main task to do irrelevant other stuff which does’nt any way directly contribute to the bottom line.

What if it did? Now this is a new concept . Structured Procrastination. It goes like this. You pick on tasks to do that are unimportant and list them on your to do list. The most important task are at the top. Going by your true nature – you will dilly dally on the tasks at the top of the list and pick out the easy , and so called non relevant tasks down the list and even end up doing a lot of stuff. Irrelevant stuff but stuff nevertheless.

“. . . anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment.” — Robert Benchley, in Chips off the Old Benchley, 1949

So why not build on that. Build on your strengths and get stuff done.

Another new Technique that I happened on which I have used with some success past two days is the Procrastination Hack. As the Author says this is ideal for Procrastinators, compulsive Web surfers, and the easily distracted.

It basically involves working in short fully focused burts of 10 minutes each. Folowed by 2 minutes of break and Fun time or web surfing – whatever. Pretty effective As of now. I intend to try it as long as the novelty lasts. And yes – you will need a timer.


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