The Startup of You – Key points

Reid Hoffman( Linkedin Founder) and Ben Casnocha  recently published a book – The Start-up of you. this book is about accelerating your career in this fast paced world. In this blog I am sharing a few key points from the book.

The Key to Managing your Career is to picture it to be a start-up business.

That would mean building professional networks, taking intelligent risks, investing in yourself and taking advantage of change rather than trying to avoid it. In a world where nearly a million people can do your job how are you going to stand apart, and differentiate yourself. You don’t have to be better than all the professionals – trying to do so would actually be sealing your fate. But yes you can master your localized , professional niche.

Imagine your general physician , your local Dr to whom you go to for all your typical health problems. He does’nt have to be the greatest physician in town. But, if you go to him regularly you would expect him to know your medical history , your allergies, and maybe the histories of your family members.

Similarly to succeed in your career you will be expected to fully understand the nuances of your profession as they apply to your firm an the firm clients, your industry and possibly your geography.

Three dynamic pieces help you position yourself in the market:

1.  Assets: What you have going for you now.  Your soft assets (like knowledge, skills, connections) and hard assets (like cash in the bank).

2.    Aspirations and Values: Where you might like to go in the future.

3.    Market Realities: What people will actually pay you for. “

Tips to Thrive :

  • Develop a competitive advantage to win the best jobs and opportunities
  • Adapt your career plans as you change, the people around you change, and industries change
  • Strengthen your professional network by building powerful allia

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