What happened to Eklavya?

What happened to Eklavya after Guru Drona asked him for his Thumb. We all know that Eklavya cut his Thumb and gave it as his Guru Dakshina. But,  what happened after that?

I am sure that Eklavya would have gone on and lived a vibrant, successful life – and died a great human being – that, he already was. A large hearted man with an abundant ability to pursue his ideas. He knew “how to learn”. He taught himself the art of Archery – Dronacharya was his inspiration, his inner guru – but Eklavya taught himself. With his spunk and determination he was able to excel over Arjuna in archery – reason enough to make Drona Jealous.

Eklavya mastered Archery by tutoring himself. The same can be applied to any profession.

Learning to learn is a key aspect of Success in any career. Having the ability to update oneself to continuously learn new stuff, refusing to fall into the “trap of the Comfort zone” is a key trait of all successful people. And this is not just about success in Business . It could be in any walk of life.

And learning need not be from books alone or about attending Training Programs If Eklavya had chosen to wait till Drona admitted him to his Gurukul then possibly we would’nt have an Eklavya to refer to.

What I mean is that we have a lot many avenues to learn – for instance Online is a huge source , your colleagues , your teachers  your parents plus the various Forums online offline , there are phenomenal resources available. One need not restrict oneself to just one resource. And it is just question of our taking the effort and pushing past whatever we have to Push past and investing time and money on learning – and growth. You need not limit yourself to your current station in life – reach out and be willing to make the sacrifices – I am sure it wont cost you your thumb.


2 thoughts on “What happened to Eklavya?

    1. Thankyou Anonymous. I enjoy reading the Mahabharatha and I am really amazed at the similarities in the situations then and now.

      Just a small attempt to link the present to then.


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