Doing a Bheeshma

Bheeshma of Mahabharath fame is well known for his one key Trait – or act – His wow of Celibacy. 

This wow gained him a lot of mileage  and Moral superiority – which resulted in his being the patriarch of the kingdom for several generations.

But, I think that he overstayed his welcome at the Kuru Palace and in the process oversaw the fading away of a strong and thriving Kingdom.

Bheeshma had great qualities – but his long tenure proved to be of no great advantage to him or to the Kingdom.

Does that have any parallels to your career?

Yes, surely. Staying in one job has its advantages. Especially if you are good at it. You get respect , promotion  salary raise. But doing the same stuff over and over for many years  – can lull you into complacency. You start functioning on auto pilot. Then suddenly a New kid comes around who knows a few different tricks and gets to be the apple of the Super Boss’ eye.

suddenly your days are numbered. Game Over!

Why get into such a situation and try to protect your territory at the expense of the Organisation efficiency.

I would suggest that an optimum number of years to stay with an organisation would be 5-10. It is suggested For research scientists that the optimum number of years in given field is given by his age divided by 6. So a scientist who is 25 years old must be in his job around 4 years.

This should work for other professions also. A 30 year old engineer must stay in his job for around 5 years. At Fifty around 8 years.

When you start your career you tend to hop around trying to find the right balalnce. But as you gain more experience and your skills become valued – an overstay in one spot might lead to your getting “stuck in a rut”.

So better to move on. Make life a little uncomfortable for yourself. That will help you to stretch


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