Amba’s Woe and the trap of Multiple Offers

Some History

Amba was one of the three princesses of Magadh. Her heart was set on Selva the Crown Prince of Saugath. But, Bhishma came along , won over all the princes at the swayamvara organised for Amba and her sisters and went off to Hastinapur

Amba realised a twad too late that she didnt want to get married to the scions of Hastinapur and communicated the same in a polite but strong way to Bhishma. Bhishma the Self Righteous soul that he was – immediately packed her off o Salva.

Salva was smarting from the public defeat handed out to him by Bhishma and took it out on amba, said a firm no and sent her back. After a couple of to and fros – Amba decided she had enough and rightly felt that if it was not for Bhishma she would have experienced marital bliss with Selva and plotted revenge.

Now where do you come in?

Well in situations where you have multiple offers take care about informing the people concerned what your decision is. This ensures that there are no heart burns.

People remember rejections and slights and HR ‘s even more so. You never no when your path is going to cross again with the HR whose offer you have refused.

And even if you accept the offer after a lot of dilly dallying and playing around- the Hr can get back at you and create problems. the key word is might , but why leave room for such grievance.

If Amba had her heart set on Selva – why participate in the Swayamvara. Perhaps she was just window shopping. But, then she paid a very heavy price.

It makes sense to play safe when it comes to handling offers. Be respectful. Take time , come to a decision. And keep all the parties concerned – fully informed. With no room for wrong assumptions. They will respect you for it.


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