Feedback the Best Medicine

An area of interview which some find difficult to manage is giving feedback to the candidates who are unsuccessful. One usually typical reason being t find a standard response over mail or phone. that candidates tend to become defensive and start arguing. This can be a major putoff. hence the avoidance.

But from the candidates perspective this is one good source to improve their skills and interview technique. It is the best medicine to take a first hand view in real life situation. all the more important not to argue and just listen.

A few things to keep in mind,

The interview you just flunked is not the last interview of your life. so maximize your returns. With some patience you can get the real feedback which.

Ask specific questions like

1. Based on my response do my skills match the minimum requirement.

2. Do I come across as a good cultural fit. How would you rate me in this regard.(give him a scale of 1-10)

3. How presentable was I. again you could suggest a scale to him 1-10.

4. Can you mention one area where you feel I should improve.

Best would be to get an email id and mail it. Then follow up at a late date.

This makes the HR’s or the hiring Managers task much easier.

At the end include a statement – ” I respect your feedback and am requesting for the same only with the purpose of improving myself.”


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