Weakly yours

That title is only an indirect reference to the topic which is about Strengths.

Whether in life , or in career or in business – focus on your Strengths. Every body has weaknesses. But, the achiever is aware of his strebgths, he plays to his strengths.

We do our best when we are at ease playing to our strengths. that’s when we contribute the most.

Here are a few tips to become an achiever at your workplace.

Self discovery 

To work on your strengths the best thing would be to know what they are. So take an inventory, brainstorm, introspect and zoom in on your most key strengths. One way to do that is to think about all those things that you enjoy doing.

Public Opinion 

No, I am not suggesting that you take a vote on your strengths. Far from it. But, discussing it out with a friend or mentor would put the findings from your Self discovery on firmer ground. A third angle gives depth to any view point.


Now that you have a handle on your strengths , it makes sense to focus on those. So when you next plan to attend a training program – choose programs to hone your strengths. Dont wast time and money overcoming weaknesses. Do not worry about being sidelined for what you cannot do. Simply shine in what you can do extremely well.

Weaknesses are not the point 

You may be giving your weaknesses a lot more importance than they merit. Your weakness will be over ridden by someone else’s strengths. Similarly, your strengths will carry a project through despite someone else’s limitations.



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