Focus on the Path

I have been  trying to improve on my ability to set Goals and more importantly to achieve them. But, time and time again I found myself loosing Focus after a few days. Then the Goal just becomes a note in the background. Having no meaning in the day to day activities of mine.

Most times in the urgency to set Goals and in our excitement and keenness to achieve them we become overly stuck-up with the goal and forget the path that needs to be taken. We are totally enchanted with the goals that we set for ourselves and forget that there are a series of activities that need to be undertaken at regular intervals – which will guide us to these Goals.

By Knowing the path is we can weave our Goals into the daily mesh of activities. But, most cases this is where we miss out. We write down our Goals , we paste them at key points but as these Goals are not interlinked to our tasks – they stay untouched – standing out as a token of our incompetence.

This is one aspect where I am trying to modify my approach to goal achievement- spending more time and effort in listing out the tasks , allocating time for these tasks and making it easy to achieve them within a day.

I am sure this will give a great Push to my Goal achievements.

Why dont you try it out? .

Adapted from this post.



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