Resume Feng-shui

China isew Super Power or going to be one. Chinese goods are all over the , Chinese concepts are taking hold in Management. So why not apply them in our resumes. Thank God chinese resumes have’nt as yet flooded our offices. Before that happens lets fire wall our resumes with some Feng Shui inspiration.

Feng Shui I can safely say is all about harmony and smooth energy flow.

So here are some Tips

1. Energy follows Focus. So create positive Energy by focusing n your resume.

2. Tidiness is a key principle of Feng Shui. this effectively translates to removing clutter. A clutter free resume elevates your chances of a shortlist – several notches. Who would’nt like a clean well written document – and recruiters would be the first to agree with me on this.  Clutter is distracting in life and more so in your resume. Resume clutter can be – long winded descriptions of job role, unnecessary history, sexual preferences – all very distracting.

3. Without delving too deep into the Feng shui analogy  I can add that a carefully placed line , or a an italic and similarly subtle formatting can facilitate a quick read by focusing energy on the key portions.

Any more analogies and I am sure fangs will be out. But, my sincere hope that you found some use in these tips.


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