Sometimes Quitting Pays

Especially in Recruitment. when searching for the right candidate profile sometimes we hit a wall – similar to the runners wall.

all our searches and out reaches don’t seem to get us the target candidate.

For instance based on a client’s JD we searched and lined up a nearly a dozen candidates for a position that had been open a while. We thought one of them will surely go through. And a few did right upto the final offer stage. then they rejected the offer because it was just not attractive enough.

If the candidates being shortlisted are outside the budgeted range then – some thing is wrong somewhere.

Time to quit.

Better focus your energies on positions with realistic expectations.

But, this decision is not easy. There is a certain pull towards lining up interviews. But when repeated interviews turn out blanks –  we need to put our step down. the question is how much time should we give. Well a couple of rounds of interviews with unattractive offers should be enough. Three times and – you Quit. 


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