Agastya and Lopamudra

When Agastya went out to gather wealth to satisfy Lopamudra’s desire for worldly necessities – he went to a King who was very wealthy.the great sage asked the King to give without causing loss or injury to others. And it is said that the king shared the true picture of the state and asked him to take take whatever he deemed fit.

Agastya, after going through the books found that the States finances did not leave any room for taking out wealth for himself.He told the king ” To seek wealth here would mean hardship for the citizens and decided to seek elsewhere”

Not many in this Yuga would forego such a chance to garner wealth – or perhaps the State really in a very bad shape(nothing in the coffers).

The story of Agastya and Lopamudra on of the great stories of Love and romance in the annals of Indian History and is recounted in many of the great Indian Literary works including Mahabharata.

In a slightly different context – when we are feeling devalued/ hurt our instinct is to do everything to restore what we have lost. Devaluing the person who caused us injury will only lead to more of the same.




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