Nagging Works

And Not just in marital situations.

A study published in the HBR Blog suggests that persistent communication by managers who had pressing deadlines – lead to projects moving forward at a faster pace.

The article tries to distance itself from the term “nagging ” but for all practical purposes calling it redundant communication doesn’t wipe out the underlying logic.

Check out how ads work. how many times do you get to hear the same jingle – before you start acting on it. Same with time strapped Managers. Except that Managers cant afford to sugarcoat their communications and make it attractive to listen to. so they do the next best -which is to repeat it and throw in a bit of variety by exploiting all media options now available. This could be phone, messaging and email.

Explaining something to your team once and expecting them to take action is sure case of hit or miss. We cant be sure. so the only option is to repeat till the point is driven home.


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