Working time

Ruminations on the Working time.

I am in the midst of a vacation which started this monday and last maybe a couple of weeks. While at work I planned n doing a lot of things when the vacation started. but that was not to be.

So here I am ruminating about working time.

Our ancestors took life pretty easy. As the name suggests they were hunters so they stalked their prey over long distances. So their main occupation would be stalking the prey followed by time spent in eating. Killing hopefully would’nt have been a prolonged process.

Aggregated data has shown that our very early ancestors worked at an average of 2 and 1/2 days per week at 5 hours a day. How work was defined is a mute point. Because safeguarding their territory and their life must have been a fulltime occupation.

But, obviously they spent a while relaxing. take off 3 hours of day travelling. another 3 hours reading mails and maybe 2 hours of time saved thanks to no Facebook – that would have added up to quite an amount of saved hours

My guess is  a lot of time must have been spent mating and an equal amount of time fighting over mates. But I digress.

The western societies which have gone through periods where workers worked 12-16 hour days during the industrial revolution has turned a full circle. Now there is stipulation on the max hours an employee puts in. there are limits of 40 hour weeks in place in certain countries. And coming down to recommendations of 21 hours work week being suggested by certain economists. Tim Ferris has made millions propounding the 4 Hour Work Week. 

So work as we know it is going to undergo a huge shift. Imagine if the instead of 12 hours an average person in the age group 22 to 58 spends in the office / place of work. the trend would be towards 4-5 hours at work. and this place of work itself might be at home or in some nearby kiosk.

My guess is – this is pure conjecture – if an average couple spends spends 6-7 additional hours together daily – the marriages are going to be really stressed. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

As it is online marriage counselling sites have shown a phenomenal increase. thats a sector which has a huge growth potential.


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