Reconsidering Decisions

Once you have decided on taking up a job it is both painful and a waste of time to re-evaluate your decision every-time something happened that was not to your liking. It is silly to reconsider that choice every-time you have a disagreement with your boss.

They say the modern market has a problem of plenty. everywhere we find too many choices. More so in the case of the Indian Job Market. It surely is not as bad as it was 4-5 years ago. But, still we come across candidates with 2-3 offers unable to make a firm decision. Taking up an offer and then shopping around.

Of late Clients have woken up to this problem and are not playing up to the candidates demands, but yet we come across these situations.

As a matter of fact it is not easy to be in such a situation. Where you have a couple of offers and unable to choose – but once you have taken a decision it makes sense to be firm. and , not to start every day wondering how life would have been – if you had only taken the other offer.

Its a Colossal waste of energy.


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