Interviewing Methods

Among the methods used for shortlisting candidates the oft used one is the interview. Over the years several tests have been conducted to gauge the job performance of the candidate w.r.t his shortlisting methods.

Here is an extract of an article published in 1998 which validated selection procedures with Job performance for 19 different methods.

This is the article abstract:

“This article summarizes the practical and theoretical implications of 85 years of research in personnel selection. On the basis of meta-analytic findings, this article presents the validity of 19 selection procedures for predicting job performance and training performance and the validity of paired combinations of general mental ability (GMA) and the 18 other selection procedures. Overall, the 3 combinations with the highest multivariate validity and utility for job performance were GMA plus a work sample test (mean validity of .63), GMA plus an integrity test (mean validity of .65), and GMA plus a structured interview (mean validity .63). A further advantage of the latter 2 combinations is that they can be used for both entry level selection and selection of experienced employees. The practical utility implications of these summary findings are substantial. The implications of these research findings for the development of theories of job performance are discussed.”

Test of GMA( general Mental ability ) paired with Work Sample Test comes out tops along with GMA + Structured interview & GMA + integrity Test.

To know about structured interview you could click here.

How often do you come across a structured interview? Most cases the interviewer shoots questions based on the candidate response. So, this effectively puts more control in the hands of the candidate on how the interview is guided. Nothing wrong with that . But, after meeting all the candidates the interviewer ends comparing apples and oranges because each Employee would have discussed his own Forte. A structured interview will force the conversation to go on predetermined lines for all the candidates.








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