The Red Flags and Cliches

Almost every candidate gets asked this question – “What are your Weaknesses” and it can mostly be a deal breaker. Not a good situation to be in , but it cant be helped.

The question is so old that it shows the interviewer is not fully prepared or is still green behind his ears.

The better way to put this question would be to rephrase it in a non direct way . For instance ” have your superiors given you any feedback about areas in which you excel or where you need improvement”.

So, you as a candidate can go one up when you get this question. Answer it   as if your superiors feedback is being asked. You could say something like – My Immediate superior gave me the feedback that “I need to improve my documentation or be better organized”.  Or some such factual statement that you may have received. That tackles an otherwise troublesome question with a simple master stroke.

Recruiters are wary of candidates without weaknesses – so the above answer will raise your chances at the interview several notches.

Any other troublesome questions that you have faced in interviews ?


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