Note to Self – Candidates Appreciate Feedback

Recently, on a whim, I decided to give feedback to the candidates who had applied for a Job Ad which I had posted on the Naukri. It was a simple mail that I sent individually , which thanked them for their interest and expressed regret – that their resume could not be shortlisted.

I had expected a number of mails asking as to why they were not shortlisted , or calls questioning the reason why the profile was not fitting  Infact, I was ready for it.

What I did not expect was mails from candidates thanking me for the feedback and appreciating me for taking the time and effort to do the same. It actually turned out to be quite a humbling experience.

I know there are recruiters who send feedback mails – but they are a distinct minority. And Till date I had not been a part of this minority.

It is quite easy to hide behind the excuse that there are hundreds of  resumes one rejects to get 2-3 candidates who get shortlisted. And it is virtually impossible to to inform everyone.

But, as the mails from candidates showed – it might sound impossible but , it is not actually so. And, besides I might be not able to give such feedback 100% of the time – still, if I am able to do so 25% of the time – it counts.

Hope to make giving feedback a part of my recruiting process. Agreed It is not going to be easy. But, looks like its sure worth the effort.



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