Why did you leave your Job?

This question was posted by a of the members on linkedin Q&A.

Despite a 17 year history with one employer, I think it troubles prospective employers that I left my last employer after I year. Any advice on how to respond to “why did you leave your last job”? 

Here is a good answer :

Your simple (and correct?) response might be what changes the atmosphere. Consider a longer one with a little more detail and positive ending.

“My expectations for the position were … Over time I learned that the position was in fact … , which I evaluated CAREFULLY and chose to leave. It was a difficult move for me, but one I felt then and still do was in everyone’s best interests. I remain committed to my employer’s goals and to the work ethic I require of myself to support them”

In that way, you shed more light on your reasoning and end with a positive statement about yourself. Potential employers, I believe, will respond well to well-articulated explanations for difficult decisions. Your response may simply be too terse. – Roger. D

Read it on Linkedin


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