Cut the passion! … its just a Job

I come across a lot of Job ads calling for passionate employees, …. it sounds good. Gives you the right feel. After all we do not want a dis- interested lout sitting on the desk with bored expression.

But, then there is passion and there is a job to be done. You can do an outstanding job with a healthy dose of understanding what needs to be done and being efficient about it. Save the passion for your home. 

See, not every one can be a Steve Jobs. Or need to be one. One Steve a decade is sufficient , maybe two. I am kidding but we don’t want a nation filled with Steve Job types. Our prisons and Asylums will start to overflow.

I am being harsh and maybe in a different post I can explain why I think so – but take it from me – you don’t need too many of those types. You need a lot many more who can execute efficiently.

Passion for the job has become another of those over used cliches of the decade. One finds resumes filled with Passion for Design for Engineering for HR and passion for People.

To do the job well what one needs is a willingness to be student, and the sincerity to execute the task at hand. Add consistency. Everything else will fall in place.

Those are my thoughts.

What do you think about this craze for passion?

PS: I am a Huge Fan of Steve Jobs and am passionate about Apple products. But, that’s not my Job. 

The inspiration for this post.


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