The Free Pass

I am in one of those Forks in the road of life faced with the situation where we might be parting ways with a family friends of ours. The parting is not amicable – we feel we have been wronged and we are naturally angry.

I have been trying to come to terms with this anger – trying to move on. But you know how it is , when you are angry with someone or something the thoughts somehow keep going back to the same topic. It was in one of those angry moods Thats when I happened to read a blog on this free pass system. 

A witty well written blog and what looks like some honest glimpses of the life of the writer Clotilda.

Whether I am able to apply it successfully or not – it is a wonderfully simple concept. Request you to stop here and read the Blog.

Hope you find it useful. Seriously hope that I do too.


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