11 Golden Nuggets on Leadership from Dr CN Manjunath – Director, Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology.

One of the advantages of being part of the NIPM is you get to meet and listen to some amazing people. Last Saturday I had an opportunity to listen to Dr CN Manjunath – Professor & HOD of Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology. The talk was awesome but I was not able to take down notes. What you will see below is a partial list as I share this from memeory and might have missed some of the golden nuggets.

Note: All the lessons were based on his real life experience in handling the challenges of running the number Cardiology Hospital in the Country.

1. Involve people as often as you can as much as you can. While organizing events involve everyone and prominently acknowledge everyone’s contribution.
2. Don’t humiliate your Team Members. If you have to reprimand them do so in private – preferably one to one never in public.
3. A positive attitude is the key to a great organization. Even terrorism is not as harmful as a negative attitude which, if prevalent can destroy an entire nation.
4. Share the credit you receive with your team – don’t hide it. When a customer praises, share it graciously especially with the members concerned.
5. Be patient. Do not react to situations however provocative they may be. Take some time to collect yourself before you choose a course of action.
6. Be especially patient with your staff when he/she makes a mistake. He might have lot of good things to his credit. keep that in mind.
7. However senior you maybe in the organization get involved at the ground level workings. That shows your passion for your profession. (Besides you will know whats going right or wrong at the ground floor – my words.)
8. Be Generous. Share with your employees . Even if it means paying them higher than the market rates.
9. Smile. The smile cuts through all language barriers. It helps to make the work atmosphere healthier and easier to work together as a Team.
10.Family is very important. Culture building and the making of a complete Human being happens in Family.
11.About Bosses this is what he had to say – Most of the health problems in the society can be traced to bosses. Bosses trouble their colleagues.  Leaders inspire them.

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