Batman Resume

Our world views vary considerably. Each person each group has a different way of looking at things. Thats why there are so many varied bikes, this wide choice of cars, so many different retail outlets.

Consider two common world views –  Batmans and Supermans

Batman is an angry guy who enforces the right. Batman-types see the world as a zero sum game and battles are either won or lost.

Superman, on the other hand, comes to our world with his gifts and sees his life as an opportunity and an obligation. For him, every challenge is an opportunity for healing. He believes in helping others.

There a dozen different types of people. And, moving on those lines a tens of different types of organizations. Each organisation has a unique culture and distinct approach to their environment.

Its virtually impossible to sell a product or an idea to all these different organisations at once. One story or a single approach doesn’t do it. that is why we have teams of application specialist to modify or customize the product to the organization needs.

So, is your job search customized to the organization or are you peddling the same lines on every hiring manager you come across , hoping somewhere it would stick.

A better way would be to understand what the company is doing, their products geography, connect with the people within (the means are available),  and then present your story in a way that resonates with them.




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