Advice to myself

There was this wonderful question posed on TED by Cason Askew.

What advice would you give a younger you?

If I were a 21-22 year old fresh out of college I would like to remind myself that life is built on relationships. Those very relationships that you try to run away from are going to stay with you for a life time.

That life is a marathon. Not to be bothered about people overtaking you in this race. Set your own pace and stick to it. Rest when your legs are unable to carry you. Then get back to the strides. At the end of it all winning doesn’t count . It is in the running.

Let defeats not bother you. Don’t get demotivated by the ‘No’s that people hurl at you. You will find your place. And if you hold on to your dreams- big or small – you will make your mark.

Ask for help. Reach out to people. There are people out there waiting to help you – if you only Ask.

And, do not forget to pass it on.

Big things can be achieved in small steps. So Dream big and keep taking those small steps.

And yes, I don’t have to tell you this but – have a good time.


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