Hum Kisise Kom Nahin

Amidst all the self bashing that one gets to see on Facebook and general conversations this cartoon comes across as a breath of fresh air.

We have still something to cheer about.

The olympics has given us the opportunity to take a look at the kind of challenges that Mary Kom has faced and overcome them to get a Bronze.

This in a sport not many people care about. Aren’t we all fortunate to have such a woman representing our country. Should’nt we be proud of that.

Now a days the main topic of conversation is Olympics – which it should be. But whenever we discuss India it is in jeering self deprecating terms. And then there is the inevitable comparison with China. All that is fine.

But how many of us as parents encourage their children to participate in sports. How many of us would sit quite if our schools started taking the initiative have made sports mandatory.

Our sports machinery is pathetic. Why? Are we also to blame for the mess in some. Perhaps our priorities are just not there.

If the population is not all that keen on sports and if sports is going to looked at as a step cousin of education then we should not feel bad when the results come in.

This time around during olympics our telecast timings  were perfect. Around 7:00 pm to 9:30 one got to view gymnastics, synch swimming, cycling, and walking race , apart from the usual like badminton , shooting.

To be honest I get to see swimming, and gymnastics only during olympics.

Why wait for olympics to telecast such events. Why not get the second or even 10th best sportsmen in athletics, in swimming and let them play with our teams. I can say t but it is easier said than done.

what I am trying to say is that Viewer interest has to go hand in hand with performance.And the focus should be to generate viewer interest . That will generate the monies which will translate to performance.

There is no shortage of talent. One just has to count the number of talent programs running concurrently on TV. But, problem we are facing in sports is that we are not able to showcase the available “sporting”  talent. there is no platform to cheer the talent to greatness.

Somehow sports and the indian psych do not go together. Perhaps sports is too risky. You either win or lose. And perhaps we as a country are not confident in our ability to win. To lose , lose , lose and then win. And perhaps we do not want our children to face that situation.

How else can one explain this shortfall in sporting interest. ( Leave cricket out for a moment)

Then there is the even more pathetic middle class mentality we suffer from.

Vikas Kumar – Indian shooter has made us proud by winning a silver. No one can take that away from him. But, our man is already planning marriage and job change. Can anyone really expect him to win another medal or even qualify for the next olympics. Remember Abhinav Bindra.

All the focus is on getting a promotion and or getting married. Life ban jayegi.

Can’t imagine Usain Bolt doing this.

Imagine if Dhoni after a couple of matches had decided – ok i have made a name for myself. My Cv says I have played for India – time to settle for a good job and get married. Oops!

So don’t surprised if our medals tally does’nt cross 5 in the next olympics. Lets not be moan the sorry state of Athletics and other team sports. With the kind of mind set prevalent in a democratic country like ours we should not expect anything better.

Just step back and enjoy the individual grit and determination of Saina, of Mary Kom , Gaurav Narang and Vikas Kumar who have won inspite of these hurdles.


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