Don’t throw the Rule Book at your Team

Don’t Throw the Rule Book on your Team

As a project lead it is easy to throw the Rule book on your team member. He/she asks a question and the easiest answer is – ” the rules don’t allow that” or we don’t do it that way. Its easy. A No brainer. You dont need any imagination to say that.

Another option is to go one step deeper and discuss the spirit of the rule. And then if a thought or plan or an idea is against the spirit of the rule or is going against the mission/objectives of the project/firm then perhaps you might decide to drop the idea. But not before giving the idea a complete hearing.

Throw the rule book too often and you would have killed enterprise in your organisation.

Then trying to motivate your employees and cribbing that they are un motivated or lack inspiration or low in morale – pure bull.

But, it happens all the time.


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