When the student is ready the Teacher Appears

When the student is ready the Teacher appears.

How many of us have heard this quote?.

Quite a few of us would have, I am sure.

This quote holds especially true when experienced and knowledgeable professionals are trying to understand new concepts.  We are specialists in some fields and have a fairly high degree of knowledge in quite a few other fields. This kind of learning and specialization has given as the self assurance and confidence to perform to the best of our capacity.

But due to the rapid change in our environment – technological, economic , and social, aspects of our learning and experience lose their relevance. A simple example – a certain approach style with a customer might not work anymore, due to the simple reason that the ownership of the firm has changed hands.A different culture is being enforced internally within the firm.

So you would agree if I said that we might have to continuously unlearn some of our earlier learning.

How to make this unlearning and relearning easier?

Our minds , especially minds of experienced professionals are like a Busy city center – choc a block with buildings , skyscrapers , roads lined up with cars back to back. In such a scenario introducing a new concept would be like starting a new building construction. And how would you do that – other than by tearing down an existing building and starting ground up.

That is the level of difficulty we face to really learn a new concept especially when it directly impacts some of our existing belief systems or a highly ingrained habit. And we should be willing to put in the required effort to give up on those beliefs which no longer hold in the changed milieu.

If we have to achieve our ambitions we will have to expand our reach and test our full potential. We might have to unlearn and relearn a lot of things.Perhaps even create a new set of beliefs for ourselves.That would require us to get out of our comfort zone. We might still be sticking to them – not realizing that those very well learned concepts are now holding us back.  In such a situation we need to develop a certain deliberate deafness to the suggestions – both external and internal which ultimately hold us back. Well wishers with sincere intentions sometimes try to keep us within our comfort zone.

So if you are trying to learn something new , a new language , a new hobby  checking out a new career option or whatever – and  prepare yourself mentally by pulling down your defenses  especially those of pre-judging and be like a student. The Teacher will appear.



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