A Construction Equipment Salesman

A candidate walked in to my office today. Lets cal him Manish. He is a diploma Holder who passed out in 2010 or should have. He has 2 more backlogs which he is clearing one by one. Apparently he started with 6 backlogs.

His father is an ex Tata employee from Jamshedpur now retd. His brother is married and has moved out and 2 sisters married and settled.

He is taking care of his parents.

Past three years he has been working for a Construction Equipment Firm in Sales. He came to meet me because his company was making some strategic changes and his job might become redundant.

Now why am I telling you this? Well, I haven’t come across a person with an attitude like his in a long while.
He has just 3 years exp but he has such clarity about his role and what he needs to do . The approach to his own career search for instance. He has a target to land another job by the 3rd of Dec. In fact I intend to check with him on the 3rd if he did land a job. And I am quite sure he would have.

I wish I could meet more candidates with this kind of clarity and attitude.

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