The on-purpose resume


Efforts are not enough without purpose and direction.

John F. Kennedy

Here is a scene

You are in dream. You float into an office  a white  A4 sheet in your hand – neatly type written. Hand over the sheet to a man seated behind a desk, and whoosh – you disappear. The man, takes the sheet, feeds it into a machine and starts reading the contents of the sheet as they appear on his desk top monitor. A clock hung on the office wall begins to tick. The man, reads the contents intently, and scrolls down. The clock continues to tick –  5 seconds are over. The mans eyes are intent, he is all attention as a he scrolls down to the next page. The second hand moves 5 notches. The man is totally absorbed in the contents of the sheet as he scrolls down to the bottom of the page. Just when he reaches the last line of the sheet the second hand reads 15 and the alarm goes off.

The man looks up at the clock , he seems happy and reaches for the phone.

A few questions based on the scene  –

What do you think just happened?

Who was the man behind the desk?

Why did he scroll down?

Why did the clock go off at 15 seconds?

Why did the man reach for the phone?

Take a few seconds to mull over these. I am sure you will be able to answer all of them.

The irony is that, when it comes to our own resume we don’t try to answer these questions.

Who is going to read my resume?

How much time does he have to read through it?

What is his intention of reading my resume?

What gadget will he be using to read my resume?

After going through the resume – what is the person going to do?

This dramatized representation is meant to highlight a very crucial aspect of resumes – something which candidates tend to overlook.

What is the purpose of your resume?

Your resume’s purpose is to help you get an interview call.

That being the case – what can you do to ensure that the recruiter reaches for the phone after going through your resume.

It is in your hands to make your resume apt. To do that you might have to do get a few things right.

That will be my next post.


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