Getting it Right

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.
                                                                                                              Peter Drucker 

custommadeWhat applies for marketing also applies to the job search process. The way businesses tailor their products to appeal to customers. You need to create a resume tailored to the – hiring manager or recruiter.

Customize, customize, customize should be your resume mantra.

A couple of questions will help you in that direction-

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is he looking for?

Once you have zoomed in on the target audience –

Research the JD’s

Decide on a target Job based on your skills and experience. Review 4-5 Job postings, and understand how the prospective employers express their  requirements. Prioritize the common requirements and Capture the words and phrases required to describe them.

The next step would be to analyse your own experience and bring out when and how you have used these skills in your job. Place your skills in context.

60-70% of your resume success is dependent on this step. If possible speak to people holding the target role or the recruiter so that you get a better understanding of the key attributes.

Focus on your Achievements

Self explanatory. This is your resume. Blow your trumpet. focus on Achievements relevant to the position applied for. For a sales position achievements in writing code wont help.

Industry Jargon

When in Rome do as the Romans do.

While enumerating your roles and responsibilities use industry jargon. Pepper your resume with key words unique to your industry.

Performance Snapshot

Right upfront include a brief “snap shot “ performance profile with employment details. That provides a snapshot to the hiring manager about what to expect inside.  It should profile your ability to do the job

Telegraphic Language

Make every word in your resume count. Use telegraphic Language.

For instance – Instead of saying

  • “Oversee production related tasks including planning, control and trouble shooting in Paint Shop & Assembly shop.”

Say –

  • Paint Shop / Assembly Shop – production Planning, control & trouble shooting.

Brevity is the soul of wit. In-fact it is the soul of every well written resume.

Keep your resume concise, include only the best that you have to offer the prospective employer.

Junk irrelevant details

Avoid including anything that is irrelevant – your passport details, occupations of parents , and siblings. Family details.  Hobby lists.

A crisp and clear resume need not carry needless details. When something is not adding value – drop it.

A few basics.

Contacts – in the first half of first page.

Proofread. Get someone else to read through your resume for errors.

No typos.

No colours

Simple Fonts that are clear and easy to read.

One font throughout.

Steer clear of columns and boxes.

Length/.rule of thumb –

+/- 5 years exp          1-2 pages

+/-10 years exp          2-3 pages

Following these simple tenets will ensure that your resume is crisp, clear and carries a punch.


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