5 Habits to avoid at your Work Place

Character is long-standing habit.

You would agree if I say that people make snap judgments about others. They notice your one bad habit, then, something else happens in which you are not fully involved – and they connect. Before you know it, voila !  you are labeled a misfit, or a tantrum artist or whatever. A single bad habit is not likely to have any significant impact on your career immediately, but clubbed with something else even partially – it can. The below mentioned set of 5 habits can go a long way in preventing you from getting hitched to the wrong label.

Hold your criticism

Dont Criticize Condemn ComplainThis is a very simple yet  extremely useful advice.  And, one that is very difficult to follow. We all tend to whine and complain. But, the problem is that this trait is not taken lightly by organizations. And there is a good reason. Organizations are spending a lot of time and effort in building morale in their teams. They really don’t want someone finding faults and whining in public. It is going to reflect poorly on their efforts. Besides, there is enough negativity outside in the economy for the leadership to handle,why add to their woes? Best advice – Hold your criticism. And, in-case you have a serious enough complaint, discuss it directly with your manager, face to face.

Missing Deadlines

In a team environment missing deadlines can pull down the entire team effort.Do it too often and you will get marked as someone who can’t be trusted with work. You need to remember that you are not working in isolation. Everything is going to be a team effort and people are relying on you to do your part of the job. Trying to be perfect in what you do is no excuse.

Funny Man

I have seen some very smart colleagues of mine – falling flat on their face – over doing this bit. Being popular helps. But trying to be the funny guy – invariably backfires. And an impersonation of your boss, however mild, in the presence of other office members – is asking for trouble. You are counting on your boss to accept being belittled in public. Aren’t you asking for too much? Same goes for your team mates too. He/she might not be able to able to impact your career right away. But over time these things add up.  Save this type of fun for your college pals.



Do not be Inattentive to yourself and to the workplace situation.You have got to be attentive – it is your career at stake.  Having a total disregard for the workplace culture and style, the dress code, or the hierarchy  creates needless tension and marks you out as a misfit.You don’t want that to happen. You want the organisational support system to be stacked in your favor. Why make it more difficult on yourself?

Working in an office setting demands that you be sensitive to co-workers. Be mindful of your body odor, the type of food you bring to office (especially if you are eating in an air-conditioned setting) strong-smelling food can be a major put off. Another thing to avoid – speaking loudly over your phone.

Staying aloof

aloof_feline_ipad_case-r5866999576d74ac9ae4c5c0bcda1f641_w8wqf_8byvr_512You are spending 8+ hours at work – the best part of your day with these folks. Might as well work on it and try to make it pleasant for everyone. Staying aloof at the work place runs the risk of being perceived as arrogance. And arrogance as we all know is a recipe for failure. By all means stay aloof from office politics. That is a definite plus. But having your lunch alone or not participating in other office get togethers – can actually bring unnecessary attention on you, not the kind that will help your career.


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