Corporate Talent Networks

Social media has been a game changer in many ways – the most visible being in the reach it provides, the dynamic nature of its reach and the cost effectiveness.

When we talk about social media in Talent Acquisition – Linkedin is the most accepted site there is, for professional networking. But what next? what do you do with linkedin now that you have the ability to reach 1000’s of potential candidates. Reach does’nt equal the right person on board.

This is where engaging the potential candidate base takes precedence. The Corporate Talent Networks are sites that magnetically attract professionals having an interest in your product , service. It could be your own employees, vendors , customers or  any one in some way related to your firm or having an interest in it. CTN’s might form around a company facebook page or a Linkedin company page or a Blog where the topics revolve around a certain technology etc. These online Networks thrive through comments and discussion forums and are democratic. They are not controlled by any single corporation.

These networks can become a source for engaging with potential clients, vendors and employees. They are definitely not a place to post you job openings.

CORPORATE Talent Networks-Watering Holes

They are your watering holes where people with a thirst for a certain kind of knowledge congregate. The common thread would be a certain technology, service , a new process innovation.

Corporate Talent Networks are set to grow as the human need for sharing is paramount and now technology is making it easier to connect with like minded professionals.

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