The Royal Enfield and Career Choice

Royal Enfield

The thing about the Royal Enfield bike as any one will tell you is that It is not a maintenance free bike. You cant just fill it, shut it and forget it. It demands your attention – at times it wont work the way you want it to.But that in no way diminishes the pride of ownership.  The rider satisfaction levels of a true blue enfield owner are legendary.

What has that got to do with career choice? 

I got a mail today from a candidate – a fresher from a premier engineering college. He will be soon entering the work force. He had his mind made up that he wanted to get into manufacturing operations and move in to a techno managerial role.He has done internships in an automotive firm and taken up additional courses like production planning and operations. He listed a few organisations he wanted to join and asked me for advice and help. Some of the companies in his wishlist included – HLL,ITC, Nestle

I was quite impressed by his approach at career planning and told him as such.

But, what caught my attention was his choice of Organisations.The companies he mentioned are the creme de la creme in terms of professional / managerial excellence. But someone having Technical aspirations is likely to feel out of place – because here the scope of skill based technical learning will be limited. When all the systems are setup and running smoothly – you can learn how to run it but not how the thing works.

That is what reminded me of the Royal Enfield bikes. The thing about the Enfields are that they require maintenance & demand attention. Not quite the fill and forget it Japanese types. Perhaps that is why the Enfield aficionados talk endlessly about their carburetors, spark plus and oil leaks. They know in and out about their bikes. Because if you have driven the RE even for a couple of years – you would have faced such a situation.( I might be wrong) but I hope you get where I am heading.

So if this Technical enthusiast gets into HUL – he has to keep his technical inclinations in abeyance – because though his learning on the managerial front is going to be extensive-he might not get the kind of technical exposure he can in an Automotive/Aerospace or a pure engineering organisation.

Makes sense?

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