Manage Your Boss – 2

Manage the BossThe phrase – Manage your Boss might sound unusual or suspicious. You might be thinking that I am pulling a fast one. Hoodwink you. But no. This is the truth. Your success on your Job is dependent on your relationship with your Boss.

And this relationship is  something which you need to take responsibility for.

Fact is most of us do influence or manage the relationship  to some extent – in bits and pieces. But to be effective you might have to delve deeper.

Before we go into the how of it – lets get into the why.

Let me share with you a story –

Many moons ago…. there were two Team  members – Rajesh and Rajan. These members reported to a Boss who had an informal and intuitive style of working. He did not believe in written reports – he was more into informal discussions and Brainstorming.

This Boss moved on to a different job and a new Boss took over.

This new Boss happened to have a more systematic approach. He preferred  written reports and liked to see things written down to ensure follow thrrough.

Rajesh quickly realised that the wind had changed and adapted his style to suit the new Boss. He regularly updated his Boss with mail updates and short written reports. Infact he would send down the agenda to his boss before a meeting – which the new Boss particularly liked. It improved the quality of the meetings and made decision making more effective.

Rajan on the other hand chose to continue with the original informal reporting style. This got him into problems with his Boss.

His Boss felt he was not getting enough information and had to spend a lot of time questioning Rajan about the work he was doing. While Rajan in turn did not like the constant prying .  He did good work and wanted to be respected and accepted for that. During the meetings the boss found it frustrating being unable to take any decisions with lack of clarity and Rajan in turn felt stifled.

After a few months Rajan decided to leave the firm.

Rajan did not realize that he needed to adapt to a different style He just assumed that the earlier Boss’s work style would be continued by the New Boss –

Assumptions they say – are the termites of relationships”.

I hope you realise how a slightly different approach can create an entirely different relationship.

My earlier post  covers this topic in greater detail.

Here is a quick Checklist for Managing your Boss-

Understand him/her

  • Understand his Goals & objectives
  • His/her pressures
  • Strengths Weaknesses & Blind Spots
  • Work style

Assess yourself

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” 

Understand Your Strengths and weaknesses

Your personal style

And how do you respond to authority

Create a relationship that

Fits both your styles and needs

Characterized by mutual expectations


it is worth remembering this quote –

More power than all the success slogans ever penned by human hand

is the realization for every man

that he has but one boss.

That boss is the man –

he – himself.


Look forward to your comments , or you could drop a mail to prakash.francis at




3 thoughts on “Manage Your Boss – 2

  1. Good article. I believe, we need to change our gears according to the the circumstances & priorities. If we can’t…..moving on will be always open to us!


    1. Thanks Suresh.

      We need to change gears .. absolutely. Adequate response is the key. In most cases people either endup reacting or in the case of Rajan – blaming the circumstances.


  2. This is a Good article, which employees do not accept easily. They will be murmuring on the new bosses or styles. But, it is exactly true that we have to change our work style as per the situations.


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