Fail Better

Ever Tried?

Ever Failed?

No Matter.

Try Again.

Fail Again.

Fail Better.

On 26th January 2014 history was made. Offcourse India celebrated its 65th year of becoming a Republic. But the history I am referring to was made at the Rod Laver Arena – when an “also-ran” –defeated a giant of Tennis. Yes folks I am talking of the Final Match of the Australian Open 2014 – when Stanislas Wawrinka – Defeated Rafael Nadal the reigning world number 1 and 13 time grand slam winner.

Stanislas Wawrinka –  The highest he had reached prior to this game was the Semi Finals  of a US Open. No doubt Stan was a Good player – he has an Olympic gold to his credit. But when he was pitted against the top four of Tennis – he pulled a blank.39-1 was his record against the Top four of Tennis.

Going into this match the odds were stacked against him. He had played 12 matches against Nadal and Lost all. Leave alone winning a match – he had never won a set.

It was going to be a classic David versus Goliath and everyone had written off Wawrinka. Some papers called him a pushover. Stan himself had a very simple game plan – it was to Fail Better.FAIL Better for Blog

Can anyone blame him for that.

Come to think of it – is there a better way to look at things?

When you have played and lost so many times – your self belief hangs by a thread – the demons of self doubt rule the roost – lets be realistic – winning or even expecting to win becomes secondary – playing matters and it matters that one Fails Better.


Success follows.Success Follows Blog

Should’nt we take the same approach?  

When it comes to the playing fields of our profession … of our careers. We have reached a certain station. We have worked towards it faced struggles overcome them and won laurels for ourselves.

But the question begs asking – given the resources we set out with – have we become the best that we could have been. Have we tested the limits of our capability.

I am afraid the answer is “No”. I am afraid after falling a few times we have settled for what has come our way. Some us have never even tasted failure. We are Not willing to test ourselves further. Fearing failure.

We have become satisfied with our achievements. We have Plateaued.

No doubt the plateau is a high place – but the peak Beckons.

The Peak Beckons
The Peak Beckons

Question is are we willing to have a go at the peak. Are we willing to test the peak of our capabilities.

This journey to the peak is littered with failures and bruised egos. Are we willing to face the challenges that this journey to the peak will throw up.

Edmund Hillary when he was asked how he felt after having conquered the Mount Everest. Replied

I did not conquer the Mount Everest. I conquered myself.

So my dear folks are you willing to conquer yourself doubts and fears and realise your Peak?

Each one of us has immense potential – a lot of it lying untapped. And as you embark on the journey from the plateau to the Peak, from good to Great a journey which challenges your self belief – I am sure you will face many challenges-you will be pulled down by  many a self doubt.  And You will fail many a times. And as you pick yourself up and move on again  – I suggest – you recall this man – Stan Wawringka –the Giant Slayer and this quote which is tattooed  in his left arm –

Ever Tried?

Ever Failed?

No Matter

Try Again

Fail Again

FAIL Better for Blog


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