Whats App Blues

whatsapp1-645x250Whats app is the latest social media app that every one is logging into. I myself a part of a number of whats app groups – mostly family and close friends.I find it to be great way to keep everyone involved and much simpler to stay in touch with all concerned-even with people who might not be very communicative.

Recently we started a Whats app group for a church based community we are a part off.

Initially the going was good. We had some interesting conversations and it was a good way for every one to stay in touch. But of late one of our group members has decided to share the daily novena mail on whats app.

I am not sure how many of us really go thru the half page material sent on whats app. But let me tell you it is a great conversation killer. Now there are no light conversations. Because – it is so difficult to navigate.

I wish the good friend was mindful of the fact that 100-200 word posts on whats app are

1) diffcult to read. &

2) you are missing the point.

Such ready made stuff is best suited in a mail. Because in mail the reader can decide to open or not open the mail after seeing the subject line. Here that is not the case. The phone buzzess you pick it and there is the message in your face and you dont want to read it.

Whats app has a means to get around this. Mute the group. Which is what I did.

But what next? Now no body bothers to converse – because the 3 or 4 screen long messages – make it difficult to navigate and locate the conversations.

Well – high time somebody came out with some rules of etiquette for whats app. Perhaps somebody might have already done so.

Here is my Don’ts and Dos-

  • Use whats app groups for messaging – your thoughts – and converse.
  • Avoid posting canned stuff on whats app groups.
  • Use Whatsapp broadcast tool for canned stuff and announcements.
  • Have fewer members in the group.

You have any other observations – leave a comment.


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