La La Land of Football

I never knew what happened. I am not an avid football fan like my friend who stays up nights watching league matches and arrives late to office the next day. It was he who wised me up on the once in a decade kind of moment that happened on the night of the 8th March. Barcelona needed a wipe off 4-0 deficit to enter the quarters. They did that by beating PSG 6-1 to scrape through in the 95th minute (stoppage time).

A twitter handle going by the name of Turkish Football captured the moment best with this update

Turkish Football @Turkish_Futbol1

“And the winner is: PSG.

Oh wait… it’s Barcelona. You won guys. This is not a joke.” 

Thanks to my friend I spent some time pouring over the newsfeeds to get a hang of what happened. Now I am educated enough to talk about this match for a few years, and many others will too , i am sure. Probably that is one reason why sport is such a unifier, especially football, it gives everyone a common topic to talk about.

They say seeing is believing. If you have not done so already check out these match highlights to get a hang of what my friend was talking about.


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