Recruitment Art or Science

fine-art-selection (1)

Recruitment is more of an art than a science. Would you agree?

Aron Ain the CEO of Kronos the WorkForce management company thinks so. And he is probably right. As the CEO Aron has a longterm perspective trying to understand how the candidate might impact the culture of the firm. Aron describes himself as the keeper of the company culture. And the way he evaluates the candidate is by asking questions about their families and their work life balance. Considering that he has been the CEO for 12 years i am sure this approach works for him.

In my opinion hiring is both an art and a science. There is no black or white about it rather just 50 shades of grey.

In the initial stages of screening when the candidate pool needs to be trimmed to a manageable list size – a scientific approach ensures that the most suitable candidates get through to the next round.

As the rounds reach a final phase the artistic influence in the decision making increases as the hiring managers jostle with the squishy intangibles the so called softer side of the candidates persona. This is especially so in the case of leadership roles.

However , with increasing penetration of Data Analytics and AI in the HR space – this influence too might arguably come down. But as long as emotions play a role in the final candidate selection – Art will win.

Your thoughts.


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