What is an employee’s most important need?

Self-fulfillment is the most important parameter for candidates considering a switch.

Gallup the global workplace monitor asked employees to indicate attributes they consider when deciding to change their jobs. 60% of a sample of US based employees ticked as most important –  the ability to do their  the best in the job. According to Gallup it effectively means that employees do their best when their roles are seamlessly integrated with their talent (the natural capacity for excellence), skills (what they can do) and knowledge (what they know).

Employees aspire to Self Fulfillment

It comes as no surprise that employees want to reach their full potential. Self actualization is the mantra – as Maslow stated.

For hiring managers the key takeaway from this survey would be to make it clear to candidates that the company values their strengths and their new role will help them to hone those talents, knowledge & skills.

Prakash Francis helps organisations in hiring , developing and engaging talent. He is based in Bangalore.


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