Employer Branding – the missing peg.

guitarpegWhen you send out your recruitment adverts are you pleased with the response? Do you feel that your vacancy should bring in far more applicants or far better quality applicants.

The problem could lie in your brand perception. A firm with a compelling employer brand will get significantly more responses than one for a company that does not have that level of brand presence.

A remarkable Brand identity can help to Attract and Retain the Best Talent in your company. And it need not cost an arm and a leg. With a basic understanding of social media – brand presence can be created on a Shoe String Budget.

Here’s how –

1.Rev up your profile.

Make it a habit to update your profile on linkedin or Facebook with industry relevant inputs.

2.Motivate your current employees

Your current employees can be your best employer brand ambassadors. Encourage them to share with their network and generate referrals. The options of how and where all to share is enldess and growing every day.

3. Be Social

Make sure you build an active presence on social media. Encourage employees to generate interesting content that can be showcased. Social media is a great platform to showcase employee culture.

4. Write

Share your expertise. Produce content for your company blog, share your opinion on industry events and topics that might be of interest to people in your industry.


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