An experience of Immersive Theater

conurt6ukaauivrBeing the last Thursday of the month I headed to Chancery pavilion for the monthly NHRD meeting. But, things seemed somewhat different yesterday. There seemed to be an unusual buzz. Long ques at the registration. Flustered patrons. Flustered volunteers. Bodies jostling for their space. And i soon found out why.

An experience in immersive theater to be delivered by Aruna a theater persona and founder of Visual Respiration.

This sounded different. And, what a difference it turned out to be.

The audience were treated to a truly immersive experience, in which Aruna  enthralled the audience with her impressive performance on gender conditioning. Using Rhyme, Repetition & Reflection she wove a magic spell around the audience. Our inner eyes were opened, even if momentarily, to the ever present gender conditioning that we live out non stop – in our work and personal lives.

You can get more details about her workshops and her work by visiting her site visual respiration .

Personally, I am not a feminist , neither am i a proponent of inclusivity – at best i am a fence sitter – with no leanings. But the buzz gets stronger perhaps it is time to take a call. You might call it the inevitable. Besides, as the father of a 17 year old daughter my patriarchal views are coming increasingly under the scanner and the earlier i condition myself to this reality the better.




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