AI/JOBS/& increasing opportunities

Lawyers and accountants join list of workers whose jobs are likely to go – screamed a headline. ai_0

Increasingly such headlines are becoming everyday affairs.

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way and seems like it is set to takeover our jobs , especially jobs that are of a repetitive and mundane nature. These include jobs of order takers – cashiers , maybe even waiters might get replaced by robots. Telecallers might get replaced with Robo callers. Are there any firms already doing so – I am not sure. How far into the future can we expect sizeable volumes of AI replacements? could be 5 years or 10.

A point to remember is that Automation is expensive and is not going to replace any job as long as it is cheaper for a human to do it.

A Mckenzie report suggests that as of now 5% of the jobs are ready for AI takeover. The good things is that 95% of the jobs are going to stay. Even better is that new jobs will replace the old ones. As the human population increases more jobs get created. It is a simple case of demand and supply.  Technology will eliminate certain kind of jobs but more new jobs will be created catering to a different set of problems and solutions.

Opportunities continue to increase.

To find out if machines will actually take away our jobs – watch this TEDx by David Autor


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