United we Drag

img_15941You know it by now. Flight is overbooked. Some passengers have to be de-planed to make way for important people. 69 year old doctor is randomly selected to make way for these more important people. He refuses to get enticed by the travel voucher offerings. The airport police is called and they drag him through the aisle of the aeroplane. His face bloodied – the only thing he keeps repeating is I want to go home.

The video goes viral.

And United Airlines – behaved as if it was business as usual. For United it was just another day in office. The CEO of United Oscar Munoz tweeted an apology for having to re-accommodate customers this was some 2 hours after the viral video. On the same evening he sent a mail to his employees expressing solidarity and for having followed established “procedures” for removing a passengers.   If you haven’t already seen the video – you can watch it now.

I am wondering which rule book they use at United to Train their Employees. Or maybe they are just taking a leaf from the President Trumps Book. The evicted passenger was a Vietnamese.

Yesterday the CEO Oscar Munoz came out with a more detailed and what felt like a more genuine apology. Took him three days.

Interesting to note that this very CEO was named the “Communicator of the year” in March.

For Oscar Munoz it was a PR disaster. But what about the customer service? I think we have come a long long way from the slogan – Customer is King.


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