What was your contribution?

What can be your contribution?

What is the contribution of a wicket Keeper in a cricket team? He prevents the ball from trickling past to the boundary. He keeps the batsmen in check by being ready to stump – thereby preventing the batsman from being prolific in his scoring. These are just a couple of contributions of a wicket keeper during a game. CONTRIBUTION

So what is/was your contribution in your job. Did you get a new client. The lone client in a difficult market. Did you solve a tough accounting problem that the company was facing. You need not have accomplished anything all alone. Nothing happens all alone in the industry. In fact if you say that you accomplished something alone then that might raise a red flag.

Think about all these contributions while you were at work. Get them on your resume and create a contribution statement. Your contribution statement can even be a promise as to what specific contribution you could make in the job you are applying for. This can be created based on the job specs.

Be creative. Try this out. I do not come cross such proactive statements in resumes. Try something different.

Having a resume objective is fine. But it can get too general. A little groundwork can help you structure your resume to the specific job you are applying for.


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